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Don't Delete Windows Applications, Uninstall

For removing DOS programs it's simple, just type

DELTREE directory-name

because chances are everything for that program is located under the one directory and no other programs interact with it. Windows is a completely different situation. When you install a Windows program, it doesn't copy files into a single directory, and it does more than just copy files. There will be additions to the \WINDOWS directory, the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, changes to the WIN.INI file, possibly changes to the SYSTEM.INI file, modifications to the registry, added groups and icons, etc.

To uninstall the program, go to the control panel, and click the add/remove programs icon.  Look for the program you want to uninstall under the list of installed programs, highlight it and press the add/remove button.  It will ask you if you are sure you want to uninstall the selected program then after you click OK it will remove the program in its entirety.  If it encounters any problems it will prompt you to look at the files it could not remove and you may have to write them down and manually remove them.  If you try to remove them and Windows says the program is in use, reboot the computer and try to delete again.  After the reboot it should let you delete it.


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