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How to Eliminate the Windows logon prompt

You can eliminate Windows from prompting for a user name and password as long as you aren't using user profiles or logging on to a domain or NT server.

Go to the control panel and launch the Network applet.  On the Configuration tab, select the Windows Logon from the Primary Network Logon drop-down Menu.  Now click on the OK button.  When asked to restart, click no.

Now, in the Control panel launch the Passwords applet.  On the Change Passwords tab, press the Change Windows Password button.  Type in your current password and in the Old Password box.  Leave both the New Password and Confirm New Password boxed blank.  Click OK.  Select the User Profile tab and make sure the "All users of this PC use the same preferences and desktop settings" is selected.  Click OK and restart Windows.

Now Windows will not prompt you for a password.


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