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How to make a Emergency Startup Disk

What is the Emergency Startup Disk good for?

You can use the startup disk to start your computer if you are having problems starting Windows. You can insert the Emergency Startup Disk into the disk drive before booting the computer.  When you boot the computer,  it will boot from the Emergency Repair Disk and not from the hard drive.  The disk can be very useful for troubleshooting and fixing Windows problems.

If you do not have a startup disk, do the following:

1.Insert blank floppy into Drive A.
2.Click on Start ->Settings ->Control Panel.
3.Double-click Add/Remove Programs
4.Click on the Startup Disk tab
5.Click Create Disk
Follow the instructions.  It may prompt you for you Windows 95 CD.

If you are updating a Emergency Startup Disk (like after applying the Windows 95 Y2K patch)

1.Insert original startup disk in Drive A
2.Click on Start ->Programs -> MS-DOS Prompt
3.Type Sys a:
When its done you will receive a message that says "System transferred".   You can type exit and hit enter to close the dos prompt window


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