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Are you ready for the Year 2000?

Those of you that are operating on Windows 95 will find this article useful for getting ready for the millennium.

Microsoft has released a Y2K update that addresses known year 2000 issue.

Download the Y2K update from Microsoft now.  You should download the Y2KW95.TXT file as well which gives advanced instructions and release notes from Microsoft.

You should close all running applications before installation.  It is also recommended that you disable your antiviral software before installing because the patch updates some system files that could cause alerts.  If you decide not to disable the antiviral software, you'll need to accept any changes to the file if the antiviral software gives you a warning.

The System Requirements are as follows:

Microsoft Windows® 95 (Do not attempt to apply this to Windows 98)
Approximately 10MB of free space on your hard drive.
Some systems will require you to install Internet Explorer 4.01 Pack 2 as part of the Y2K update and will require 72MB of free space for a Standard Install.

There is no uninstall for this update

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