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Windows 95/98/NT  Shortcut Keys

Here are some useful shortcuts that will help you save time.

F1 To activate help.
F2 To rename a selected file or folder.
F3 To find a file or folder.
F5 To refresh the screen.
F6 Switches between panes in Windows Explorer.
F8 When you turn on your computer as soon as it beeps or says "Starting Windows 95/98"  press F8 and it will invoke a special troubleshooting menu.
F10 Makes the menu active.
CTRL+X, C, or V To cut, copy or paste selected text.
SHIFT+DELETE To delete items by passing the recycling bin.
ALT+ENTER To view the properties of a selected item.
ALT+SPACEBAR It will accesses the window menu in any window.
ALT+SPACEBAR+C Closes the active window .
ALT+SPACEBAR+M It will move the active window position using the arrow keys.
ALT+SPACEBAR+N Minimizes the active window.
ALT+SPACEBAR+S Resizes the active window using the arrow keys.
ALT+SPACEBAR+X Maximizes the active window.
CTRL+drag the file to a destination It will copy a file to the destination.
CTRL+SHIFT+drag the file to a destination It will create a shortcut at the destination.
CTRL+ESC Launches the Start Menu.
CTRL+ESC+R Opens the run dialog box.
Win+R Opens the run dialog box.  Win is the key that has the Windows 95 logo on it.  Not all keyboards have this.
SHIFT+F10 Opens the taskbar properties.
CTRL+Z Will Undo the previous action.
CTRL+A Selects all files or text in the active window.
ALT+TAB This will switch you between active programs.



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