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AOL Instant Messenger Service

You may be one of the many out there on the internet who doesn't use American Online as their internet service provider.  Well, your friends use it and they are all able to chat with each other with their AOL Instant Messenger Service.  You may have heard them refer to it as their Buddy List or AOL pager.

This program is similar to the Yahoo Pager which is free if you download it through Yahoo's web site.  These pager programs, as long as you have them running, will let you know when your friends are online (as long as they have them running too).  When you find one of your friends online you can start a real time chat session with them.

Getting back to AOL, many people assume you have to be with AOL to use their pager system.  Well, you don't have to have AOL as your internet service provider to use the AOL Instant Messenger Service.

You can download the AOL Instant Messenger Service from AOL, register for a user name and use it just like your friends that are on AOL.  It is a very easy process which you can begin by going to the AOL web site and downloading the Messenger.  It will direct you through the rest of what you need to do after you download and run the program.

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