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File Extensions for Archives and Encoded files

Here is a list of common file extensions for archive files and encoded files.  If someone sends you a file with an extension that matched below chances are it is compressed data file with the data you are looking for inside of it.

Zip files: *.zip

All archives *.zip, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lzh, *.arj, *.arc, *.tar, *.cab, .rar, .ace

Encoded files: *.uu, *.uue, *.xxe, *.bhx, *.b64, *.hqx, *.mim

Archives and .exe files:  *.zip, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lzh, *.arj, *.arc, *.tar, *.cab, *.exe

Archives, encoded, and .exe files *.zip, *.z, *.gz, *.tz, *.taz, *.tgz, *.lzh, *.arj, *.arc, *.tar, *.cab, *.exe, *.uu, *.uue, *.xxe, *.bhx, *.b64, *.hqx, *.mim

If you have a program like WinZip, WinRAR or unACE,  it will be able to extract the information out of the archives.


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