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Everyone is always talking about the Y2K craze.  Well here are some options you have when considering solutions for your PC.  There  are two different avenues you can take.  The long path or the quick and dirty path.

Long Path
The long path may be the better of the two but is not for everyone because it will take more knowledge and will take longer.  This way will consist of verifying that every piece of software on your PC is up to Y2K snuff by either visiting the manufacturers web site or calling them direct to get there Y2K statement.  If the software is not Y2K compliant you will need to upgrade to the next version that is Y2K compliant or get and install a Y2K patch (if available) from the manufacturer, which is usually free.

Now that all of your software is updated and verified you need to check your hardware.  Check with your PC manufacturer and verify if your PC is Y2K compliant.  If not, they may have a BIOS flash program that will update your PC for Y2K problems.  The BIOS flash programs are usually free as well.  You will find that the larger PC manufactures are usually on top of these issues and information can be found on their web site.

Quick and Dirty
The quick and dirty path is much simpler.  There are programs available that claim to fix all these problems for you.  A program like Veritec offers is a program that will fix your computers hardware for Y2K problems and save itself to the hard disk in the master boot record.  It will also remain even if you format your hard drive.  Most of these programs are available for download and if you are satisfied with the program, you register and pay for the software.  

There are other programs that claim to fix all your Y2K hardware and software problems on your computer.  I tend to become a little more skeptical about these fix-all programs.  Although, they all come with some sort of guarantee.  Also, when looking through some of their web sites they have references of companies currently using the software.  To my surprise there were a lot of big name corporations listed.  So if you trust in these corporation's IT departments, it could make you more comfortable with the software. 

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